Not getting promoted in your job?
Here’s why (and how to fix it!)

Crack the Code to Get Promoted, an audio course by Farnoosh Brock, contains a wealth of wisdom that can help you get unstuck, accelerate your rise up the corporate ladder and open up new opportunities to you. Imagine this scenario: It’s your first day at a new job. You start your morning in the HR […]

Upgrade your storytelling skills with the StoryHow Pitchdeck

If you’re struggling to tell compelling, memorable business stories, Ron Ploof’s StoryHow Pitchdeck may be just the creative tool you need to upgrade your skills in this important area. For most of us, storytelling isn’t usually one of our strengths – even if we do business writing for a living. We’re used to laying out […]

How to supercharge your brainstorming with action verbs

One of the characteristics that makes us creative as human is our brain’s ability to associate one idea or concept with another. This power of association has been responsible for many creative breakthroughs throughout history. That’s why using words as stimuli is a great way to come up with divergent ideas. One of the most […]

New Clarity Cards help you benefit from reflective thinking

Clarity Cards are designed to help you reflect and process your own experiences. The cards offer simple writing prompts to get you going.

Grid Diary: Journaling plus prompts equals a winner

For many years, I’ve been intrigued with the idea of journaling, but I’ve never gotten started on it because I haven’t found a format and system that makes it easy for me. Thanks to a fascinating iPhone and iPad app called Grid Diary, that has changed. Grid Diary solves the problem of writer’s block by […]

Use the Presentation Genius card deck to rock your next meeting

If your job involves presenting your ideas to others with impact – which includes training, facilitating workshops and public speaking – you must engage and persuade your audience. The new Presentation Genius card deck can help you make your next session more effective than ever before.

The Zig Zag creativity card deck: A brilliant ideation tool

One of the best creativity books of the last decade is Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity by Dr. Keith Sawyer. That’s why I was very excited to hear that he has developed a creativity card deck based on his excellent book. The Zig Zag creativity card deck contains 48 techniques and four […]

Elevate your success with this audio training: The My Unfair Advantage Telesummit

Obliterate Info Overload | Be More Productive | Be More Influential | Contribute Greater Value to Others My friend, Dr. Alvin C. Miles, an educator, entrepreneur and the host of Global Leader Radio, has interviewed many global leaders – and now I’m blessed to be one of them! Dr. Miles recently interviewed me to capture […]

An inside look at Baron Fig’s intriguing new creativity apps

The new Mosaic and Spark apps from Baron Fig offer a unique set of capabilities for creatives.