Leverage Evernote to imagine, capture, evaluate and take action on your ideas

Leverage Evernote to be more creative

Over the years I have regarded Evernote as the ideal idea capture tool. But it was only when I started to dig deeper that I realized how its design and features enable it to support the entire PROCESS of creativity, from investigation and ideation to evaluation and implementation. It’s truly an end-to-end personal brainstorming system!

That’s why I wrote Eureka! How to Use Evernote to Generate, Incubate, Evaluate & Activate Your Best Ideas – to share with you the capabilities I’ve uncovered, both within Evernote itself and the applications with which it can connect. You can use this process to significantly increase your creativity – and the results you can achieve with it.

If you understand how to generate creative ideas and bring them to life, you can literally write your own ticket – solving challenges that held you back in the past, creating greater value in your work, and seeing new possibilities for your career and life.

Evernote creativity – WAY beyond the basics!

Evernote creativity brainstormingIf you do a Google search of “Evernote + creativity,” you’ll see that many people have already written about using it as a powerful, portable idea file. Dozens of these articles exist. They all say the same thing. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – the obvious, most visible part of its functionality.

I have written about all aspects of business creativity and innovation for over 25 years. This deep background has given me the insight that Evernote can support personal and group brainstorming at a MUCH DEEPER LEVEL. If you set it up properly, it can support an end-to-end creative process that looks something like this:

Evernote creativity process

Phil Gerbyshak“As someone who creates a ton of content, I need something to keep me organized – and Evernote is my tool of choice. I thought I was using it effectively.  Then I got a copy of Chuck Frey’s new book, Eureka! – and my mind was blown. I learned many new things about Evernote I can do right now to speed up the content creation process. This resource is one you must get now – or watch your peers get it and crush your business. – Phil Gerbyshak, LinkedIn Social Selling Trainer and author of 5 books and over 2,500 articles

I’m now about to share what I’ve learned with you. I’ve written a comprehensive guide that shows you, step by step, how to use this process to efficiently generate, manage and implement your best ideas. I’ve added a wealth of resources, including attractive, ready-to-use templates, that will enable you to get started using this process immediately to skyrocket your creative results.

You won’t find this information anywhere else – not from the Evernote blog, nor from any of the experts who blog about this remarkable personal information database.

When you invest in this book, you will automatically qualify for any future updates to it (I expect to publish new editions with additional creativity techniques and resources on roughly a yearly basis).


Tiago Forte“There are a lot of books on creative problem-solving, that don’t give you specific tools to implement their techniques. There are many books that explain how to use software, but don’t give you any frameworks for how to use it to solve real problems. Chuck Frey’s book Eureka! helps bridge that gap, uniting the abstract theories and practical tools together in a succinct package.” – Tiago Forte, author of Building a Second Brain: Unlock Your Creative Potential Using Evernote

What you’ll learn

Here’s just a tease at the comprehensive information that’s contained in this new creative resource:

  • Why Evernote is the IDEAL tool for enabling the entire creative PROCESS – p. 6
  • Why is your smart phone the perfect creative companion? – p. 9
  • Why it’s crucial that you accurately define your challenge – BEFORE you brainstorm – p. 12
  • Adapt existing ideas in 7 highly creative directions using this proven ideation technique – p. 15
  • What is morphological analysis – and how you can use it to kick-start your muse with amazing possibilities – p. 7
  • How a creative technique designed by the CIA can help you solve your creative challenges – p. 21
  • How to structure Evernote so your ideas are easily retrievable – p. 25
  • The visual application that can transform your Evernote ideas into an inspiring “vision board” – p. 28
  • How to use Evernote as a powerful “swipe file” (and how to leverage others’ ideas – legally) – p. 30
  • The important step most people skip after brainstorming Evernote on Apple Watchnew ideas (and why you MUST do this) – p. 34
  • How to assure you actually GET value out of the ideas you’ve generated and captured – p. 37
  • How to leverage Evernote to take ACTION on your best ideas – p. 43
  • How to integrate Evernote with a wildly popular physical tool for capturing ideas – p. 46
  • How to capture ideas in Evernote – even faster – with these streamlined apps – p. 49
  • A remarkably simple app you can customize to make your own creative “daily pages” – p. 54
  • How to generate and capture ideas on your Apple Watch (this is SERIOUSLY COOL!) – p. 60
  • 10 creative thinking TEMPLATES you can use with Evernote to supercharge your ideation – p. 66

Mitch Ditkoff“If you value the power of BIG IDEAS, I’m almost certain that you’ve experimented with various ways of capturing your big ideas: Notebooks. Voice memos. Post-its. Napkins. Whiteboards. Mind maps. If so, you are likely to be intrigued by Chuck Frey’s newly published guide about how to set up Evernote to support a complete, end-to-end creative process. We like Chuck. You will, too.” – Mitch Ditkoff, Founder, Idea Champions, and author of several books about creativity

10 templates help you be more creative – immediately

Eureka! contains 10 brainstorming, idea capture and evaluation templates that will help you get started FAST with what you’ve learned. They will also help you stay organized and maximize the value of your ideas going forward. Each template includes instructions on how to use it, so you can start brainstorming with Evernote right away!


Roger C. Parker“If your income and the quality of your life involves creativity, Chuck Frey’s Evernote creativity book will change your life! Chuck’s 5 step creativity process and 10 Microsoft Word templates show how to turn Evernote into your most powerful creative tool. Thanks, Chuck!” – Roger C. Parker, founder, Published & Profitable

My qualifications

I have written about brainstorming and creative problem-solving techniques for over 20 years, and founded and managed the world’s largest website devoted to innovation from 2002 to 2012 (InnovationTools.com). I continue to write about creativity tools and techniques on my personal blog and on the Mind Mapping Software Blog, the #1 website covering mind mapping and all forms of visual thinking.

I have spent 20+ years seeking the best idea generation, capture and management tools – and now I’m convinced I’ve found it in Evernote and the creative process I outline in this book.

What’s in it for you? An abundance of value

  • You’ll have a repeatable process for bringing more of your ideas to life – imagine what that could be worth to you!
  • You’ll be armed with a set of tools that enable you to be creative – on demand
  • You’ll have a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your peers and impress your boss or clients
  • You’ll have the ability to see possibilities and opportunities that are invisible to your peers – making you the savviest person in the room
  • You’ll be poised to ROCK 2017 – taking on bigger goals and challenges than you ever dreamed possible!

Stephanie Diamond“I’ve long been a believer that the right tools can make the difference between a good outcome an a great one. I’ve used Evernote for quite a few years to help me write my books and store new ideas. Chuck Frey’s new book has given me a host of new ideas and ways to improve my use of Evernote to be more creative. It’s the only book like it among all the other Evernote tutorials. I definitely recommend it! – Stephanie Diamond , author of “The Visual Marketing Revolution” and over 8 other marketing books

Eureka! vs. the incredible value of your ideas

All it takes is one winning idea and this book will pay for itself many times over. Even an incremental improvement in one area of your work is potentially worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to your employer. Achieve this modest goal and you’ll already have paid for the book and templates several times over.

Armed with all of the knowledge, tools and resources I’m going to share with you, your take-away value over the next year could easily range into five or six figures. That’s right – your best idea could be worth $10,000 to $100,000 in the next 12 months. At that point, your investment in these tools and resources is absolutely miniscule.

Amplifying your creativity with Evernote and the Eureka! process for utilizing it is a no-brainer!

Use it risk-free for 60 days

If, after reviewing Eureka!, you don’t agree that it has increased your creativity and productivity by 50% to 100% or more ….

Or you are not 100% satisfied for any other reason …

Just follow the instructions in your purchase confirmation e-mail to request a full and prompt refund of your $24.95 within 60 days of your purchase. In other words, you risk nothing.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to seize the day and live a more creative life!

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